You are amazing

amazingWe all need a reminder of how amazing we are! This does not mean we are perfect nor does it mean we do not have failures or mistakes. What it does mean is that we are individually wondrous and created for great purpose. Life can throw some pretty fast curve balls especially on a Monday. Whether that ball was waking up late, getting stuck in traffic, receiving bad news or just feeling crumby. Simply put – challenges come our way yet we are EQUIPT to overcome these challenges and shine – EVEN on a Monday! BIG QUESTION – how do we get to that place of remembering how amazing we are? One suggestion is to think about the last time you overcame something that seemed so insurmountable at the time – that it seemed impossible. Picture gloom and doom because we have all had those moments. What was the outcome of that situation? My guess is that you are still standing and that in itself is AMAZING. When we are feeling vulnerable and low yet somehow we manage to overcome what seemed unachievable at the time, these are moments to celebrate. They are also moments to recall when we begin to question how amazing we are, how much we can endure and how much we have yet to achieve. Cheers to Monday because YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Hustle for the muscle

hustle for muscleHustling this Sunday morning in the gym for some much needed gains and I can’t help but to think about how blessed I was/am to have such wonderful men in my life who taught me so much. Although my Father and Grandfather are no longer on this earth, I honor them this day and everyday by my hustle whether inside or outside of the gym. I am also reminded this day of grace – the steps of a GOOD man not a PERFECT man are ordered by God. Sometimes we need to be reminded that our fathers and father figures are not perfect nor do they have to be to. For this cause I give thanks to ALL the GOOD men in my life who are father figures and have planted a seed in my life. Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Fathers – both living and dead!


wish doWhat will you WISH for today and what will you DO about those wishes? I plead guilty to being one of those people in years past of being a complete wisher. Like some, I worked hard but did not take the time to fully invest into seeing ALL of my wishes/goals come to fruition. Having dreams and wishes is HUGE! Without them we have no fuel for creativity and for some, there is no passion for life. Granted, our place in the present moment is always from a vantage of gratitude but we live in a world of expansion. Our thoughts and experiences are ever growing, as they should be as the world around us is consistently and rapidly expanding. To match this pace of expansion – we must be DREAMERS and WISHERS. We need children that will wish for a day where there is a cure for cancer but more importantly, we children who will DO and grow up to be doctors and research scientists that will help to formulate the cure. We need people to wish they could find the motivation to exercise and in turn we need those same people to DO and find ways that motivate them to exercise and motivate others with that method. Whatever the wish, we need the corresponding action. Whatever your wish may be today, find something to do today that supports that wish and continue doing it every day until the wish becomes reality. If you do not know what you would wish for, spend some time in quiet connecting to the child within and give yourself permission to wish and dream. With those thoughts, take one or two of them that you can act upon today. In turn this will allow you to be one step close to seeing your wishes come true. We live in an age where we either are scared to wish because we have to be “realistic” or we only wish. When we move from the space of wishing to doing we find how REALISTIC life can be with the understanding we CREATE our REALITIES.

Fall in love

fall in loveI am waiting in the TSA Precheck line ready for a second week of business travel and honestly quietly growing a little annoyed that one; there was a line at TSA Precheck at 4:30am and two, it was completely filled with people who had never travelled or rarely travel (sigh) 😐. As the minutes passed, I became more aware of how slow the line was moving and every other negative observance about my current situation quickly started to consume me. I glanced up, for no particular reason, just above my line of sight. To my suprise and awe, the beauty of the morning dawn was beginning and I had the perfect view. The landscape was filled with trees which were brilliantly black against the browns and soft oranges emitted from the slowly awakening sun. As my eyes induldged in every perfect tree silhouette, I began to feel an immense amount of gratitude for the opportunity to witness such a wondrous event. I wondered if I had not looked up whether I would have noticed such a perfect view. Afterall, this is my second week of business travel with a 6am flight. It is likely I rushed through this very same spot and never thought to look just above my line of sight or notice the beautiful large windows that were perfectly created and positioned to capture such a view. There are many times in life where we are so consumed with the distractions of our current situation that we forget or never think to change our view. Many times it may only take just looking a little bit above our line of sight to change our perspective. In doing so, we can encounter the extraordinary and learn to fall in love with whatever PROCESS we are going through. At our best we remember to fall in love with the process our goals lead us through. We take in each moment always remembering that even a slight change in our line of sight has the ability to effect our mood, gratitude for each moment and our LOVE for every moment leading to our DESTINY.

Do what you have to do

do what you have to doDo what you have to do. We have all heard this before and yet, when it comes to meeting our goals we at times need a reminder. When we have aggressive goals and ambition to match, we often think the path to success should be straight forward. If you are not one of the very few people that knew exactly what they wanted to do in life from the time you graduated high school or college, the path can be anything less than straight forward. However, the challenge is we should not let this deter our passion and drive to pursue our goals. I remember when I initially started working as a commercial print model in NYC and was exposed to acting classes, I was surprised at the number of models, actors and other entertainers that I met and worked with who all had day jobs outside of their pursuits within the entertainment industry. Professions ranged from practicing attorneys, Wall Street brokers to bartenders. This was a revelation and totally debunked my thinking there is only one road to success or the achievement of goals no matter how BIG. As we consider our goals and where we may stand in relation to them, let’s not get discouraged if our path is different than the next person and if our path is not as straight forward as we think. In reality, there are many paths to one goal. The challenge is to stay focused on the present and do ALL that we have to do in order to pave the way for what we want to do. At our best we understand our journey to success will not look like the next person and we should not compare ourselves with others as a measuring stick to progress or success. We realize in the achievement of our goals we may HAVE to do things in the present in order to open the doorway to what we WANT to do in the FUTURE. Cheers to Wednesday and DOING WHAT WE HAVE TO DO!

Hold onto LOVE

13427921_1185528141480689_2297453371505504261_n The tragic event in Orlando yesterday morning left me speechless. As I tried to find the right words to acknowledge the lives of so many that were lost – I could find none. I especially could not find words that would heal, pay enough respect to the families and loved ones impacted and certainly not words that would explain why a senseless act such as this was carried out. I am not able to write words that will take away the pain or make such a great loss less but I hope to offer a bit to reflect upon as we all try our BEST to understand the understandable. It is easy to hold onto hatred and animosity when we believe it is rightly due. Further, it is human nature to direct blame when from our vantage an act could have been avoided if another course of action was available. In the midst of our varying perspectives and reasons, there is no immediate remedy that would erase or heal the reality when things go wrong. At our best, we can only attempt to let go of the loss created by such an event and seek to hold onto love. When we let go of the loss, we in turn let go of hatred, anger, blame and revenge. We can choose to hold onto love by honoring those among the dead through remembrance and prayer. For those who have a personal connection to the event, we hold onto the love we received from our dear ones that were among the dead. We choose to remember the good times, the beauty of their souls and honor the light they left behind. We do the above by choosing to HOLD onto LOVE every day and allow it to consume the pain and hurt one day at a time. Knowing that by holding onto love, we truly have never lost and what remained of our loved ones resides and shines in us through love.

One simple question

Make today count

make it countThe theme for today as I head out the door to begin the day at the gym is making it count. Yes, today is Saturday. For some, today marks the official first day of the weekend and the day all hard work which was put in during the week gets put aside. Whether the hard work was in business, career and exercise or eating clean, this will soon be forgotten for many. When we are sold out to our dreams and goals, the weekends are not an excuse for allowing hard work to go down the drain, rather we use them as an opportunity to DO MORE and WORK HARDER. As we become more focused on our goals, whatever they may be, we see the weekends as the perfect opportunity to invest more time in to pursuing our passions, building additional skills, acquiring more education and spending the extra time on work directly related to our goals. We also gratefully learn to see the WEEK”END” as not so much an END but a continuous “BEGINNING”. Each day representing an opportunity to begin again and continue the work we have put in from the prior day. At our best the focus is on making every day count rather than counting down to the weekend. We see each DAY as an opportunity to work harder, plan harder and BE BETTER than we were the day before! Cheers to Saturday and MAKING IT COUNT!

Looking forward

focusIt is easy to look to the future with optimism when things are going well. We are crushing our goals and living the life of our dreams. The challenge is when things do not go as planned. Perhaps there is a disappointment or a set back even when we have prepared, trained and done our best. I wish I could say that I do not know what that feels like or more so, I wish I could say I do not know what it is like to not prepare and experience disappointment. There is an opportunity to learn from either situation. The opportunities we did not prepare for or train as hard for are easy fixes – train harder, prepare more and more importantly, TRY AGAIN! When we give our best and experience disappointment or rejection, we must remember “no” may mean “NOT NOW”. In these times of disappointment, if we need a moment to reflect or pause we should take it. However, we can’t afford to turn moments into days, weeks and years of self doubt. Rejection is a part of life especially to those of us with LOFTY goals. We should expect a level of rejection but we should also expect more SUCCESS than rejection and BIGGER SUCCESSES than rejection. If the experience of rejection or repeated rejection is new to you in your craft, art or whatever it is you believe you are the BEST at – do not be shaken. Let the experience propel you forward and let your passion for your goal be fueled by the rejection. When we set BIG goals and are brave enough to work toward them and for them, we go beyond our comfort zones. In going beyond our comfort zone, it allows us to fine tune our gifts, talents as we use each disappointment and rejection to work for us and not against us. At our best, we understand failure does not always equate to something being “NOT FOR” us. Failure could mean we need to fight, focus and look forward to a brighter future where we use our polished skills to pave the way to accomplishing whatever goal we have set. Cheers to Friday focus and looking forward!

You are more powerful than you think

more power thanWe are all more powerful than we think. We should never underestimate ourselves and overestimate our challenges. In my business travels across the country, I am always amazed at the number of people who openly commit to a life of mediocrity and self imposed limitations. I am sure we have all met people and perhaps have even struggled with reprogramming ourselves to not only believe we can accomplish anything but we must and we will. I had an interesting dinner a few nights ago with a business partner who talked about their dream of being a C level executive at a major industry corporation. This person is highly successful in their own right and is currently a senior leader so I was a bit surprised to hear they had resigned to never being able to achieve C level status because of pedigree and not having gone to an Ivy League school. It was interesting to me that someone who had achieved so much success and had already obtained such a high level position could possibly think they were limited in how much they could achieve. In the course of our conversation, I was reminded the limitations were not real but the competition that existed between this person and their peers were real simply because they BELIEVED they were not good enough. When we operate in the realm of competition we create barriers to our success and forward momentum. These barriers represent our own mental thinking that there is a limited supply of anything on this earth. When we operate from a place of utilizing our talents, creative mind and focusing on how we can create usefulness for others and not focus on a race or competition – we open the door to our own power. Our power allows us to uniquely create services, products and business ideas that ultimately serve others which is the key to our success. As I think about those successful individuals in business, entertainment and other fields, it is clear they used their minds and talents to create value and usefulness to others. Cheers to Thursday because YOU are more POWERFUL than you THINK!

Live like a champion

aliThe words of a boxing legend and champion that will always be remembered. My mind is focused on the gym this morning as I begin the first of two workouts today. When we think about our goals, especially ‪#‎fitness‬, let us be reminded of a few things from ‪#‎thegreatest‬ boxer, ‪#‎muhammadali‬: 1) we must always remember to believe we are great without anyone telling us and before the world around us reflects that, 2) what we do everyday must be in response to our own belief that we are the greatest – so we must work like champions, 3) when we push through challenges and points of pain in our training and working, those are the moments that count, 4) we must always have the imagination to see ourselves as able to be greater than what we are in our current state, 5) we must have faith in God and faith in ourselves to overcome the challenges that life will bring as we work toward our goals, 6) finally, don’t quit. My Mom has a few sayings that still stick to me to this day -suffer now or suffer later, pay now or pay later. There will be moments where suffering for lack of better terms or being uncomfortable is necessary to move forward. We can either endure these moments with grace now or suffer through disappointment later when we have not met our goals. When we align the wisdom above with action, there is NOTHING we can not accomplish including “floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.”🐝 Cheers to Saturday and LIVING A LIFE OF A CHAMPION!

Stand strong

stand strongA lesson learned today because yes, we all need to be reminded of the same things over again even at our best. In the pursuit of our goals and being our best, it is not only important that we stand but stand strong. On this journey we often have no problem standing. For example, if our goal is fitness related some have no issue getting to the gym. The challenge and the push today is how hard are we working when we are there. Are we focused and pushing ourselves to the next level by taking on more weight and/or doing more reps past our threshold of comfort? Or if we are in business for ourself, are we spending the necessary time becoming a master of our field in order to grow our business? Whatever we are working toward today, standing is no longer enough we must STAND STRONG. In reality, many are standing but few are STANDING STRONG. We stand strong by not only doing the things that are required to reach our goals but by stretching ourselves to do more with consistency. This does not mean we overcommit which can lead to a host of issues including a burnout. However, we can never underestimate the power of having an honest conversation with ourselves to check in to see our progress and where we stand in relation to our goals. These check ins are a way of staying honest but also a great tool to build confidence as we examine how far we have come and great for seeing how we can make any tweaks if needed to push past our comfort zone. Cheers to Thursday and STANDING STRONG!

No one is you

no one is you You are unique and one of a kind. There is no one made exactly like you nor will there ever be. This is one of the greatest gifts we posses as individuals. With that uniqueness, there is power. This power is reflected when we are at our best and allowing our gifts and talents to shine. Unfortunately, there are some that equate power with power over others and/or being in competition with others. However, our true power is what we are able to give back to this world and others through the exercise of our talents and gifts. When we take the time to find our talents, develop them and use them creatively, we allow others the opportunity to be a witness to not only the talent but in some cases the process behind our talent. In doing so, we have the opportunity to touch others lives in ways we never thought possible or were intentional about.
I believe all things work for the good. This does not mean ALL things are GOOD but ALL things WORK for the good. In our journey to find our talent, the challenges that we at times must overcome to develop and continually grow our talents may be witnessed by others. We never know who is an observer of not only the exercise of our talent or the process behind it. When we think of people who have inspired us, they are individuals at various stages who chose to exercise their talents and in doing so, touched our lives in some way. Whether it was because we saw them go from a place of struggling to find their talent or a place of displaying that talent, we related to that person and their journey in such a way where it inspired change and motivated us to seek something within ourselves to be better. This is power. At our best we seek and develop our unique talent with the understanding we have the power to influence for the GOOD the world and others around us. Cheers to Wednesday and exercising your TALENT and POWER!

Work harder

work harderConsistent right choices, work and attitude allow our best selves to shine. No matter what we did or how hard we think we worked yesterday, taking inventory of the day’s goals and deciding we can work even harder today is what leads to the push outside of our comfort zone and into where all the magic happens. The magic zone is where we grow past our uncertainties and preconceived limitations of who we are and what we are truly capable of. Even in moments where we feel committed to a goal and are working 200%, we could still be resting in a comfort zone. Comfort zones are fine. However, our progress to greater heights and at a more rapid pace comes from those moments where we decide to go against our inherent grain. For each of us, we know what this may be. For some it may be going to the gym at 4:30am instead of our usual 4:30pm in order to have more time in our day. Others it may be starting their work day earlier or asking for a new project at work or taking the initiative to start a new project at work or in your own business. I must admit it takes a lot of self motivation to make big changes especially when we are already operating at a high level. However, when we feel the conviction to make changes to push harder, we must honor that gut instinct because it is our higher self that is guiding us to make decisions that serve our purpose and greater good. At our best we are aware that to step outside of our comfort zone requires we work harder than we did the day before. We understand moving from the comfort zone into the magic zone is where we find growth and enrichment in our journey to success and in ourselves. Cheers to Tuesday and WORKING HARDER!

Greatness is a choice

greatnessThere are two big mistakes we can make in life relative to greatness: believing greatness is not a choice and that we’re not purposed for greatness. Greatness is a choice we are daily committed to making when we are at our best. Some think greatness is an ability granted or bestowed upon a few; however, in reality greatness is simply the result of making decisions that are consistently in line with our goals and purpose. When we wake each day and consistently choose to focus on our goals and put in the WORK toward them – we tap into our greatness. When we are faced with challenges and choose to refine our process to get to our goals rather than change the goal – we tap into greatness. Our greatness will always be tied to action and that action is reflected in our daily choices.
We were ALL given a measure of talent and gift. However, what we choose to do with this talent and gift and whether or not we will spend the time in pursuit of finding what our unique talent or gift is, is the key to unlocking our greatness. I cross paths with many people who comment they don’t have talent. However, it is always in juxtaposition to my talent or someone else’s is. No two people are the same and as a result, the talent between two people are different and purposed differently. If you are a singer, perhaps the timber of your voice or quality of it will be different than another singer. This does not mean that one singer is better or less than another rather their voices were designed for a unique and distinct purpose. The same goes for any and all gifts. Whatever your gift is today, know it is that gift that has bound you to eternal greatness. What you CHOOSE to do with that gift and how you CHOOSE to work that gift will determine your level of greatness. If you are unsure of what that gift or talent is, CHOOSE today to put in the work discover your special gifts. Cheers to Monday and CHOOSING greatness!